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About Velvet

Velvet Eyewear is a luxury brand that embodies sexy and sophisticated styles, yet is relaxed and comfortable. Our designs are inspired by iconic American fashion and culture to create timeless styles.

Founder and Creative Director, Cindy Hussey, has an eye for detail and a practical sense as an Optician that enables her to design luxurious eyewear specifically for women and their unique features and styles.

The Velvet Eyewear® Sunglasses and Optical frames are manufactured in Italy and other fine factories offering outstanding quality, materials, and craftsmanship.

                             Cindy Hussey- Velvet Eyewear Founder                             

Cindy Hussey- Velvet Eyewear Founder
“Passion, drive, and a little bit of luck!"
Voted 2014 Most Influential Woman in Optical